The European Quizzing Championship – individual. Tallinn, 5.11.2005


You are about to hear an overture. Who is the composer?


Length – 300 cubits, breadth – 50 cubits, height – 30 cubits. Such measures are given to an object depicted in the Bible. What object is that?


On August 25, 1896 the sultan Hamid bin Thuwaini died. Two hours later an usurper took over the castle and announced himself to be the new ruler. Thereupon, British fleet interfered. In the morning of the 27th 3 ships opened fire at the palace. In 45 minutes the building was destroyed and the usurper gave up the throne. The event was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the shortest war in history. What was the name of that island, where it happened?


As one of results of the World War II, we became familiar with the meaning of a new word – genocide. Among other examples, also the deportation of Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians to Siberia can be considered as genocide. In what country did the genocide against Degar (French: Montagnard, meaning Mountain People) tribes start in 1973? The Degar population has decreased by nearly two-thirds in only 32 years. The main tribes are the Jarai, Rhade, Bahnar, Koho, Hmong, and Stieng.


According to the official data of the year 2000, the population of Estonia was 1.45 million and neighbouring Latvia had 2.45 million inhabitants. By population, which two European countries lie between them?


This sweet-smelling plant belongs to the family of oleaceae, in its genus there are about 200 species. Ordinary *** was brought to Europe from China in the 16th century. The blossoms are yellow, white, pink, or red and make up a cluster, open five-forked corona is situated on top of a thin tube. Blossoms are used in cosmetics and food industry (for example as an ingredient in Italian cherry liquor). The name of this plant is derived from Persian. What genus is it?


His sports career lasted from 1965 to 1970. He won 65 and lost 5 matches. By 1966 he was virtually invincible, among his other titles he was 6-time World Karate Champion. He ended his sports career at the age of 30 as Professional Full-Contact Middleweight Champion. He often trained with Bruce Lee. In 1988 he participated in George Bush’s presidential campaign. Who is he?


Only two male sportsmen have won the Grand Slam in tennis in singles – Don Budge in 1938, and an other sportsman, who achieved it twice. Who is this other sportsman?


Yuri Lotman, the famous professor of semiotics, considered prose to be a complex and late type of literature He also argued that prose developed from poetry which in turned developed from human speech. According to Lotman, what was the intermediate stage between human speech and poetry?


Star Alliance unites 16 well-known airline companies, including Lufthansa, SAS, LOT, Air Canada. Varig is also a member of Star Alliance. What country does the airline company Varig originate in?


This Swiss playwright and essayist made his international breakthrough with The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi. The main hero of his best known play is Johann Wilhelm Möbius, who pretends to be mad and plays the role of King Salomon. Who is this writer?


What is the name of this well-known comic-strip character?







List 5 new States of the Federal Republic of Germany (on the territory of the former German Democratic Republic; do not include Berlin as state).



List the authors of 5 last goals scored in the final matches of FIFA World Cup tournaments. Authors of N goals please list N-time.



There have been 5 members in the band Pink Floyd. Please list all of them.


The European Quizzing Championship – individual. Tallinn, 5.11.2005


The composer is living in Antverpen. This year he celebrated his 70-th birthday. You are about to hear his 7th symphony Epilogue. Attention – the recording contains sudden and extreme variations in dynamic level, which can damage the hearing and audio equipment of listeners. Who is the composer?


This historical area in the Central Asia has been the centre of the spiritual philosophy of Zarathustra & Zoroastrianism. The kingdom, established by Iran tribes, was conquered by Persians during the reign of Darius I. In about 250 BC an independent Greek-*** kingdom was established. In the 7th century the country was conquered by Arabs. An animal is called after that region/country. What is the name of this region/country?


UNCHR was established in 1951. This organisation’s headquarters are in Geneva. Since 2005 the former prime minister of Portugal António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres is leading the organisation. The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the organisation twice (1954 and 1981). What is the sphere of activity of UNCHR?


The southern part of this state claimed itself independent as the United Republic of Suvadiva, which even had its own flag from 1959 to 1963. There were a crescent and three stars on the blue-green-red background of this flag. What present-day state does this once separatist republic form part of?


This man was born in Luxembourg in 1886. His most important speech has been made on May 9, 1950. Who is he?


This food-additive (E420) is a widely used as sugar substitute. This is only half as sweet as sugar and is therefore used in sucrose-free candies and chewing-gums. Naturally it can be found in cherries, plums, pears, apples, and berries. What food-additive is that?


Rashid Ramzi is the first man to win both 800 m and 1500 m at the World Athletics Championships. Who has so far been the last to achieve the same at the Olympic Games?


Who was French law enforcement officer and biometrics researcher (1853-1914), who created anthropometry? Anthropometry was the first scientific system police used to identify criminals. The method was eventually supplanted by fingerprinting.


This card-game is played among three players, using 32 cards. It was the favorite game for Paul Bäumer, Albert Kropp, Tjaden and Katczinsky. What game is it?


This product will be produced in certain limestone caves in France. In 1411 king Charles VI issued a chart which made these caves a franchise place, giving the inhabitants the maturing monopoly for this product. In 1842 the 15 principal manufacturers unite to create The United Cellars Company (Societe Civile des Caves Reunies). What is the name of this product.


This work by the classical author of mute film, Fr. W. Murnau came out in 1922. Due to a legal settlement Murnau had to change the name of the main character, performed by Max Schreck. The final name of the film is ***, eine Symphonie des Grauens. What is the missing name in the title?


This writer, born in Germany as a son of an US-soldier, has written thousands of poems, hundreds of short stories, and 6 novels. His life is reflected in the film Barfly (1987), the screenplay of which was written by himself. The main character Henry Chinaski was played by Mickey Rourke. Who is this writer?


The European Quizzing Championship – individual. Tallinn, 5.11.2005


You are about to hear the song Take My Breath Away from 1984, which is the only well-known piece of that band. The band carries the name of a metropolis. What is the name of the band?


Man got to know volcanoes a long long ago. Terrible eruptions were considered a demonstration of god’s or devil’s might. Roman god of fire and smithcraft was Vulcanus. The gate to the underworld, to the workshops of this god supposedly lay on the island of Vulcano. It is the southernmost island of which archipelago?


In this country, the king is called kabaka, the queen – nnabakereka, and the prime minister – katikirro. The local parliament is called lukiko. At the present day, the kabaka of this country is Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II who has about 5 million subjects who belong to 52 tribes. The country is not an independent state, it forms a part of another state. What is this country where this kabaka rules? Or – what is this other country (a part of which is that country)?


This desert (area about 35,000 sq km) is situated in the territories of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. It borders with Sierra Nevada in the west, the Great Basin in the north, and the Sonora Desert in the south and in the east. In this desert there are a lot of mountains and valleys, including the Death Valley. It is named after a tribe of native Americans. What desert is that?


May 8, 1927 was the last day when anybody met Charles Nungesser and Francois Coli. Le Soir already reported a successful end of their action, but as no confirmation was received, readers of this newspaper started to boycott it, and the newspaper went bankrupt. What was the aim Nungesser and Coli tried to achieve?


This city is located on the Yesil River, it has had at least 7 different names throughout the history. The most original ones could be translated as White Tomb and Black Earth. The current name of city means simply Capital City. The Lev Gumilyov Eurasian National University is there. What city?


How is this animal called? It belongs to the family of monkeys, its representatives populate the area that spreads from Senegal to Ethiopia, Angola and Tanzania. The animal’s fur is silky and it has a long tail. Its 3 subgeni consist of 5 species: royal ***, gueresa *** or mountain ***, green ***, ordinary red ***, and Kirk’s red ***. Ethiopian warriors have decorated their shields with this animal’s skin and we find the name of the animal in a book-title by Gerald Durrell (Catch Me a ***).


A. Guttmann, the double olympic champion, became a world renowned architect, specializing in sport facilities. In a special arts competition at the 1924 Paris Olympic Games, he was awarded the Olympic Silver Medal for architecture, the highest honor presented in that competition. Under what name A. Guttmann is known?


Henri Thèodore Pigozzi established in 1935 an industrial society for car mechanics and bodywork, which was named using these 5 words. Under that name personal cars have been produced until about 1979, when the mother company Chrysler sold his ownership to Peugeot. Peugeot continued to produce these cars under the trade mark of Talbot until 1986. One of the best-known models – 180 – is seen in the picture (1970). Under what name are these cars known?


This person (1922-1996), physicist by education, has become world-famous thanks to his work The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962), a prominent study about the history and philosophy of science, one of the most impressive academic works of the 20th century. He has created such concepts as paradigm and replacement of paradigm. Who is he?


Who is in the picture?


He (1934-2005) was born in New York, studied physics in the University of New York and electrical engineering in the University of Columbia. In 1970 he was awarded Grammy for lifetime achievement. His name has become well-known for a musical instrument constructed in the 1960s that nearly all rock-bands used. Who was this man, also called The Einstein of Music?

The European Quizzing Championship – individual. Tallinn, 5.11.2005


You are about to hear a national music and former anthem of a country. What country is that?


The symbol of the capital of Piemonte is the ox. This animal has given his name to the city, when it was erected again by Augustus on the same place, where the settlement destroyed by Hannibal has been once. In 1861 this city became the first capital of the united country of Italia. What city?


Joachim Sauer, the professor of chemistry of the Humboldt University in Berlin does not give interviews and even does not allow strangers to visit his lections at the university. What is the reason of media’s interest in him?


All the banknotes of that country carry the portrait of this man. What country?



The biggest island of this body of water is Khortitsa. This body of water is among the biggest in Europe, although the Khortitsa island has a length of only 12.5 km and a width of 2.5 km. As Saint George Island, it has been described in the stories of the Byzantine emperor Constantinus. What is the name of this body of water?


One and the same name (or word) denotes a water-proof textile and an olympic event of cycling sports. The same name belongs to a former president of the United States and his name is also given to a city. What name is this?


Beside the main theoretical works of the nazi ideology (Mein Kampf and Der Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts) the ideology of blood and soil was considered important (the works Um Blut und Boden, etc.). The author of these works (1895-1953) lived a very changeful life: he was born in Argentina, took part in World War I, studied agronomy in Germany and England, practiced in Finland and worked as an expert of agriculture at the German Embassy in Riga. He was the the minister of agriculture in Nazi government and after the war he was sent to prison for 7 years for confiscating the possessions of Jewish and Polish farmers. Who is he?


This sort of pizza is topped with tomato, mozzarella cheese and basilic. The queen, who wanted to try the food of the people, found that this pizza reflects the colours of the Italian flag. What is the name of this sort of pizza?


A 9000-year-old skeleton with well-preserved teeth, found in Bulgaria in 2004, was named after this actress. In the same year the actress gave birth to twins Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia. Who is the actress?


This young man is generally called an infant prodigy of fantasy literature, although fantasy specialists consider him to be a mere plagiarist who has compiled his production from the works of Tolkien, Le Guin, etc. At the age of 17 he published Eragon, the first part of the planned Inheritance Trilogy. The second part, The Eldest, was published in 2005. What is the name of the writer?


He grew up at his grandfather’s estate in Shakhmatovo. His grandfather was an ex-rector of St. Petersburg University. In 1903 he married Dmitrij Mendeleyev’s daughter to whom he dedicated the poems (Verses for a Pretty Lady) that made him famous. Who is the poet?


He was a combination of musician with great phantasy and brilliant critic; a theorist and practician. The music journal, the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, edited by him in Leipzig in 1834-1844, was the organ of German romantics, a fight bastion against routine and philistinism. Sometimes he wrote under pseudonyms, Eusebius (representing his lyrical, contemplative side) and Florestan (his fiery, impetuous one). Some of his works are 4 symphonies and the opera Genoveva, the premiere of which was performed in Leipzig in 1850. Who is that musician?

The European Quizzing Championship – individual. Tallinn, 5.11.2005


Who is the composer?


Under that name the embodiment of primordial darkness was known in Ancient Greece. A legend describes him as the Infernal Region below the earth. In this version, Hades was split into two regions: Erebus, which the dead have to pass shortly after they have died, and Tartarus, the deepest region, where the Titans were imprisoned. He is often used metaphorically for Hades itself. Under what name is he known?


This statesman’s favourite title translates as the Main Conductor. His wife with 4 grades of school education had the official title Comrade Academician Doctor Engineer. What was their last name?


This country is considered to be the most bananaish banana republic. The aim of its railway (length 1000 km) is to transport bananas to the harbours of the northern coast, it is not connected with the capital. The flag of this country has five pentagons. What country is that?


This big (up to 60 kilos) and awesome dog-breed is considered to be the most Hungarian dog. A thick and shabby, dreadlocks-resembling fur covers all its body. What dog-breed is that? Islands in the Pacific and a certain military rank have a similar (but not precisely the same) name.


This country’s capital has a football club that once won a European Cup, but today the country’s national team has 104th position in FIFA World Ranking. The last two World Cup qualifying games at home stadium were played in front of empty stands because of fans’ behaviour in the previous qualifying games against Greece and Turkey. In 2004/2005 the team was coached by Alain Giresse. What country is that?


In 1904 a 28-year-old businessman and his father, a shipcaptain, established the Steamship Company Svendborg. Today it has grown into a gigantic enterprise which has offices in more than 100 countries. The group owns 300 container-ships with 950,000 containers. For its share in the market – 12% - it is by far the biggest operator of container ships in the world. What company is that?


The term, meaning the crescent, is derived from Greek. In physics it denotes the free surface of water being curved in the area of contact with solid body, as well as a certain type of lens. The term is used also in anatomy. What word or term is it?


On February 1, 2003, Space Shuttle Columbia and her crew perished during the entry. Among the crew, there was the first and by now the only astronaut of that country. Which country?


A Franciscan monk Luca Pacioli published his book Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita in 1494. One part of this book - Particularis de Computis et Scripturis – described the Venetian Method, which has been in use in Venice in that sphere of life for some centuries, but then came widely known and today is exclusively in use in the world. The 500th anniversary of that book was celebrated by representatives of that sphere around the world in the Italian village Sansepulcro, where Pacioli was born and died. The Father of what sphere of life is Luca Pacioli?


This popular TV series started in 2002 and is still in production. The main character, an eccentric San Francisco detective, is played by Tony Shalhoub who has won for this role both a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award (2003). The title of the series is the same as the main character’s last name. What series is this?


Who is that man?


The European Quizzing Championship – individual. Tallinn, 5.11.2005


You are about to hear the bonus track of an album issued in the year 2005. What is the name of the band?


Baldassare Cossa came from an impoverished Neapolitan family, the owner of Ischia Island. In his teens he attended to pirate voyages of his elder brothers. The final years of his life he spent in prison in the castle of Heidelberg, from where he was released a year before his death. Cosimo de Medici erected a magnificent tomb, created by Donatello, on his grave in Florence. Under what name is Baldassare Cossa better known in history?


The highest inflation rate in the world was in that country in 1946. Mil*** (1 000 000 units) and then Bil*** (1 000 000 000 units) of that currency were emitted. The highest nominal value of a banknote ever in use has been 100 000 000 Bil***, but also 1 000 000 000 Bil*** banknote was already printed. On 31 July 1946 a new currency unit was introduced, with the value of 400 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 old currency units. What was the name of the new currency? It is still in use today, there are banknotes of 200 to 10,000 units, the last of which equals to about 40 Euros.


When Graca Machel got remarried on July 18, 1998, she became the first woman who has been the first lady of two different countries. What countries are these?


In Estonia Paul Keres is often regarded as forever second. Another chess player, who divided with Keres the second place at the 1962 Candidates Tournament in Curaçao, in the next two World Championships cycles lost to Spassky and at his last attempt to Korchnoi, was not less unlucky. As a young man, he had success thanks to massive attacks at high risk, he won the first of his two gold medals at the USSR Chess Championships in 1955 with 5 defeats (an original record). Who is this chess player (1925-1998)?


What is the name of the Spanish mixed drink (whine-punch or aroma whine) made of red whine, squashed or minced fruit, sugar, mineral water and a drop of brandy? In Southern Spain an ingredient is peach or nectarine and it is called zurra.


He was the last universalist in mathematics and the creator of algebraic topology. He was also an astronomer, physicist, and philosopher of science. He formulated the principle of special theory of relativity separately from Einstein. In 1887 he was elected a member of the French Academy of Sciences, where he belonged to all five sections (sections of geometry, mechanics, physics, geography, and navigation). In the year of his death (1912) he was elected the director of Académie française. Who is he?


In Teletubbies’ TV-show there are only five characters with a name: the four teletubbies and Noo-Noo. Who or what is Noo-Noo?


Please name the actor, born in 1915 on the Island of Sakhalin, died in 1985 in New York. His native name is Taidje Khan. He played the Oscar-winning role of King Mongkut of Siam in The King and I in 1956.


According to the Guinness Book of World Records the shortest play in the world is Breath, which lasts for about 35 seconds. There are no people on the stage; the author has proposed to cover the stage with rubbish. The author, also famous for his other short-lasting pieces, wrote Breath as a part of the theatre revue Oh, Calcutta!. Who is this record-holder?

The European Quizzing Championship – individual. Tallinn, 5.11.2005


On the right is a king, portrayed by his court painter. What is the name of the painter?



Who is the painter?